Sunday, November 9, 2014

Classroom Elections

I have never been one who was good at planning ahead. All throughout my own schooling, I was always a last minute kind of person. My mom called me a procrastinator. I got good grades, and I feel like I'm pretty on target with the world. I did plan a wedding recently. So, last weekend I was lesson planning and realized that I was supposed to teach about elections for the week. What?! I looked for ideas online and found some really great ones. My plans were set, but I needed a trip to the bookstore to get what I needed.

I hopped in my car and drove to the nearby bookstore. I marched straight to the children's section and looked... and looked. They didn't have a single thing I needed. Sadly, I came home and ordered the books online. I thought, I could stretch out pumpkins for 2 more days, and then mush some of this Election Day stuff into reading. Well, my books never came. As a matter of fact, as I sit here and type, they still haven't come. 

Anyway, when the time came, we talked about elections and the kiddos named things they already knew. Voting...that's pretty much it. At least it was a start, but I knew I really needed those books. We watched a video on Discovery Education about voting which was great and talked about campaigns and choosing the best candidate for the job. One of the parents dropped off election hats, and it was a good day.
The next day, my books still hadn't arrived. I asked my team and they didn't have any of the books either. One of them did have Clifford for President, though. I took it! Who doesn't love Clifford, right?

I was set on reading Duck for President, but no one I knew had the book. I took to the wonderful World Wide Web and found this:
Duck for President
It works, right? After this brilliant idea, I decided the Internet was my best bet at being able to use the other books I never received. I am so lucky there are people out there who have recorded themselves reading these books. I don't know what I would have done. We watched Grace for President and My Teacher for President.
Grace for President

My Teacher for President
After each one, we talked about the characters and what we learned about them. What would they do if they were president? Then we made campaign posters. (Well, mainly I did to save time, but the kiddos told me what to write.)

Isn't it funny that they thought Duck would just get dirty and quit? He did keep getting stuff all over him and he didn't seem to stick with anything for too long. Out of all the qualities of the teacher, my favorite (that they picked up on) was "go to lots of meetings". Isn't that the truth!

The next day we reviewed all that we had learned about elections. We took to the ballots and voted for the best candidate.
Clifford won! The teacher was very close, and at one point, as we were making the tallies, we all thought the teacher was going to win. Poor Duck had zero votes. He really should present himself better. ;)
Below you will find a free link to the ballot I used. The kiddos used bingo dabbers to mark their choices.
When all was said and done, I think I did pretty well without those books. They'll be here sometime soon, and then I'll have them for next year. My kiddos would love to read them though, so I'll be putting them on the shelf when I do get them. So, have I planned for next week, yet? Umm, a little.

Best Wishes!

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