Thursday, February 5, 2015

Groundhog Day

I know I'm a few days late, but I really wanted to post about what we made this week. Monday was Groundhog Day. I didn't plan for it in my lesson plans, but I remembered while drying my hair Monday morning. How great, right? I ran to the basement into my third grade boxes and pulled out my Organize February by The Mailbox. (Side note - I have all of them for Grades 2-3 and LOVED using them, especially when I first started teaching and needed monthly related ideas.) In it I found an art project and a clip art of a groundhog. I bet you could find your own cute groundhog clip art somewhere on the Internet since I can't share mine. The idea is that you place the groundhog on a piece of paper. You draw a setting around him, all the way up the edges of him. Then, you move him over a tad, color in his shadow, and tada... groundhog with a shadow. Brilliant!

I decided that I would make this a writing activity, too. If you know me, I don't do an art project unless I tie it to one of the core subjects. So, I got to school a little early, typed up a quick writing template, copied those bad boys (and the groundhogs), and was ready to go. Then, just as I was starting this (I was super excited and began my day with it), the principal walked in for an unannounced observation... and my plans didn't match what was going on! I quick ran over and whispered that I changed some things once I remembered it was Groundhog Day. Luckily, in my feedback she noted it and commented how that shows flexibility. Whew!

Anyway, here is the outcome of my quick thinking. Scroll to the bottom for a link to the freebie of the writing template I created. I definitely helped my firsties with using the template. I'm also adding a picture of how we crossed out and highlighted on the template to help them know what to copy on their final drafts.

I used the SmartBoard to edit the writing template with the students.

 Here is the printable template if you would like. I cut it in half to save paper. (Note: My husband reminded me that groundhog is one word, not two. Oops! That's what happens when you make quick lesson changes I guess. I edited the printable, but my samples are what they are.)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your February.

Best wishes!

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