Friday, February 20, 2015

Hooray for the 100th Day!

Being an upper elementary teacher for so many years, I always wondered what the big deal was about the 100th day. I would see all kinds of hoopla in the stores and sort of wished I had a purpose for it. I secretly wanted in on the 100th day.

Finally teaching a grade level where the 100th day meant something, I was ecstatic! We had been counting the days to 100 all year. It was fun and exciting to see little kiddos beam with pride when they figure out the pattern on a 100's chart and realized they could count that high.

As the 100th day got closer and closer, my kiddos (and I) got more and more enthusiastic about hitting the big 10-0. About three days before, I realized it was for different reasons. Turns out, my eagerness was coming from planning a full day of 100 day activities (there are some really awesome ideas if you browse the Internet); however, my students thought it was about to be the last day of school. Oh my! Once I figured out where their energy was coming from, we had a big sit down and talked about how it wasn't going to be the last day, just a big milestone in the school year. Even with slight disappointment on some of their faces, we still had a pretty great 100th day of school.

First, we watched and counted along to "I Can Count to 100 Counting Songs for Kids" by Mark D Pencil. Super fun!

Then we read the book First Grade Friends Forever: Hooray for the 100th Day!
We shared about our favorite parts of the book, and why. Then we wrote our responses and added pictures and/or colors.
We cut out our templates and glued them to make the number 100. 

After we drew a border of 100's around our papers, I collected them and hung them in the classroom.
Click the picture below for your own free writing template.
Next, we discussed estimating and then estimated how many times we thought we could do certain things in 100 seconds. Then, we actually did them and counted. 

100 seconds is A REALLY LONG TIME if you are clapping, blinking, standing up and down, etc.

I found this idea at Mrs. T's First Grade Class with a free printable. It was so much fun! The kiddos had a blast, and I was able to make note of some kiddos who had trouble counting in order. It definitely took way longer than I had planned for it.
Finally, for the rest of the day, we sorted, counted, and graphed M &M's. Then we used a hundred's chart to help us add the colors and find out how many more we needed to get to 100.
All-in-all, it turned out to be a really great day and I can't wait to think of more things to do for the 100th day next year. What did your class do on the 100th day?

Best wishes!

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