Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowmen At Night Projects in 1st Grade

Living in Virginia is much different than living in Connecticut, weather-wise. We have had such little snow this winter and I'm just not used to it. This is about the most snow we've had so far.
Do I miss shoveling the driveway all day? No.  Do I miss slipping on ice as I walk to my car in the mornings? Certainly not. What about all the snow that comes into the house and melts all over the floor making a wet mess? Definitely not. What I do miss, though, is seeing the snow and how beautiful it makes everything. I miss the peacefulness that comes with so much snow falling and hitting the ground, making everyone stay indoors and cuddle with loved ones.

To little children, a ton of snow means something very different. It means fun building snowmen, having snowball fights, and just jumping and falling into snow. It generally means a good ol' time. My kiddos have not had that experience yet this year... well, all but a tease. So, I decided to let their imaginations take them to a snowy day. On my snow day shown above I was inspired by The First Grade Parade and The Elementary Art Room.

The following day in school, I read the book Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Beuhner.
 Snowmen At Night on Amazon
Snowmen At Night on Amazon
If you have not read this book, it is so much fun. My kiddos loved looking at the pictures. It lead to great discussions. They especially loved that the snowmen drank cups of iced cocoa (and we talked about why) and the picture where one of the snowmen gets his head knocked off. After reading this book, we brainstormed other things snowmen might be doing at night while we sleep. Then, they were off to their writers' notebooks.

Their sentence starter was:

They all did a fantastic job! This is easily my new favorite project for winter. The picture below is the hallway decorated with their final projects.
Here are some closeups:

Their interpretations of the snowmen are great, aren't they? Each one came out different from the next. Aren't they just cutest?

Best wishes!

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