Friday, February 27, 2015

Three States of Matter

I never thought learning about the three states of matter could be so glorious. Looking at anything through the eyes of a six year old is so much more fantastical than through the eyes of an adult. Melting ice and boiling water are two of those things. 

We started by learning about the difference in a solid, a liquid, and a gas. We sorted the pictures that I found {HERE} and created a class poster to hang in the classroom.
Then, the kiddos completed their own sort from this States of Matter Freebie by Sheila Melton.

The next day, we reviewed the states of matter and I showed them this Bag Bomb from E is for Explore!
Photo from
So far, these little first graders were hooked. The icing on the cake was the following day. I brought in a bucket of ice and let each kiddo hold a piece.
It was like magic! After talking about the three states of matter for a few days now, I was pleased to hear the kiddos talking to each other about how the ice was solid in their hands, and then listen to the change in their tone as the ice melted and turned to liquid.
I let them continue in their fascinating conversations of solid changed to liquid, and then I pulled out the electric burner. I added a big cup of ice to a pot and put it on the burner. The kiddos were in awe. We all huddled around the pot, watching in amazement as the ice melted.
As the ice melted and turned to water, the kiddos looked on more and more. We all knew what was going to happen, yet it was exciting. The next thing we knew, the water started slowly boiling and then we had steam (which doesn't show up in pictures very well).
We discussed that the heat from their bodies is what melted the ice, just like the heat from the burner. I challenged them to think of other things that could heat liquid forms of water to cause them to turn into vapor. 
To end the lesson, kiddos went back to their seats and completed a follow up activity given to me by a coworker. They not only sequenced, but practiced fine motor skills by coloring and cutting.

It was another amazing day in the classroom!

Best wishes!

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