Monday, March 16, 2015

Leprechaun Traps

As I sit here, there is green paint in my hair, in my fingernails, on my neck (?), and on my foot. I thought I washed it off, but I keep finding it. I pretty much  have green glitter everywhere, too.

Why, you ask? Because tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day... and... the leprechauns are coming! We made leprechaun traps (or chraps as the kiddos like to write it) and I... uh... stayed after school late, to... you know...
I started this whole project by finding out what my class already knew about leprechauns. Luckily, the leprechauns wreaked havoc in Kindergarten, so there was a little background knowledge of what these mischievous little creatures could do. Then we read the story That's What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting.
That's What Leprechauns Do
I asked parents to donate boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and anything else they thought might work to create leprechaun traps. I had A TON of donations! It took about a week, but the kiddos designed and created their own traps. I really did my best to stay out of it. Here they are working on them in class.
For some reason they really wanted to make the leprechauns comfortable inside the trap. There was a point when I had to remind them that the leprechaun would only want to go in the trap if the outside was decorated, too. :)

They were super excited about this activity the entire time. I think we skipped recess two times because they wanted to keep working. I heard from many of the parents that this project was all they were hearing about. One of the kiddos even made another trap at home to capture the leprechauns that might go there.

I heard, too, that the leprechauns had already visited the classroom a few times because things were glued that hadn't been glued the day before. Mysterious! The big question constantly whispered around the room was what would we do with a leprechaun if we caught one?

So that brings us to today. Before leaving school today, we set our traps and then sat on the carpet for a story. I read The Night Before St. Patrick's Day by Natasha Wing. If you haven't read this story, it is super cute! It is written just like The Night Before Christmas, which the kiddos loved.
 The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
I regret not taking pictures of the traps BEFORE the leprechauns came, but what are you gonna do? Anyway, here it is.... LEPRECHAUN MISCHIEF in Mrs. Press' classroom. Can you believe those buggers ripped up a tissue? Those things are hard to come by this time of year. And knocking over my pencil cup... only I am allowed to touch that pencil cup.
Here are some of the kiddos' traps. They worked so hard and were super creative! It was an awesome community building activity as well. They helped each other along the way, and I kept hearing positive reinforcement and comments to each other, too. Yahoo for that!
The notes from the leprechauns that you see were a free download on TpT from Second Grade Sweets. There are a lot of pieces to her packet. Well worth the download!

And this is what my classroom looked like.
Now, on to what tomorrow brings. I'm hoping priceless reactions and lots of cleanup!

Best wishes!

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