Thursday, June 25, 2015

"My Personal Side" Link-Up: My Favorite Mug

I've been reading teacher blogs for years. I love all the wonderful ideas out there that fellow teachers are willing to share. A lot of what has made me the teacher I am is from all the learning that I am continuously doing by reading and learning from these teachers. What makes it even better is when you get to know a little about them on the inside, too. It's like they become your teacher friend from down the hall who you keep learning from and returning to for advice.

Molly from Classroom Connections is hosting a linky with that idea in mind. As she says, it makes things real and I totally agree!

To start this personal side linky, Molly is asking us to tell about our favorite cup or mug and what's inside.

Well, my favorite mug is my Mickey Mouse mug. I got it years ago! After pulling it out of the dishwasher and hand washing it for this photo shoot I noticed a scuff mark on the front and that the handle is cracked through. Must be from the many years of use. We'll see how long this bad boy lasts. 

The reason I love this mug is because it holds just the right amount of coffee and the brim is wide enough for the perfect sip. I have mugs that are skinny with small handles (I use those for tea) and they just don't work the same. There is just something about this one that is PERFECT. Also, who doesn't love Mickey Mouse?
 I start everyday with a cup of coffee, usually brewed from home. I really like flavored coffees with lots of sugar and vanilla cream. Doing it myself is my best bet at getting what I like. My favorite brand is New England Coffee, with hazelnut or blueberry being my go-to flavors.  I sometimes get french vanilla, too. Yum!

When I'm out of town, Dunkin' Donuts is just about the only other coffee I like. Luckily, they're pretty much all over the North East where I tend to visit. :)

What's your favorite mug/cup and drink? Link up {HERE}. I can't wait to read all about it!

Best wishes!

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