Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year 2016

Well, hello everyone! Since my last post, I have been super busy. Life can really be crazy sometimes... in a good way.

I finally landed a first grade position at an elementary school a few towns over. My drive is about 15-20 minutes and I don't have to go on any highways. Oh yeah! If you've ever traveled through Connecticut than you know this is a blessing. Traffic can be horrendous around here.

Even though I taught first grade before, learning a new school and how things go is tricky. It takes A LOT of time. Luckily my grade level partners are fabulous and very understanding of my not-knowing of things. I recently found out that I am not even on one of the email lists.

I know, right?

After not knowing what one of my partners was talking about (for about the hundredth time), she pulled up the email and searched the contact list. Yup, I was not on it. No wonder I never knew anything when people would talk.

So, besides being new and trying my best to keep it cool, I have a new house. Man! Houses are A LOT of work, too. I've always rented previous to this and didn't really know that all my weekends and free time would be spent going to home improvement stores, unpacking endless boxes (Why do I have SO MUCH!?), trying to decide on furniture and curtains (Don't even get me started on the curtains. We are still curtainless.), and being supportive of the never ending list of projects my husband finds to consume his time. There is always something, and money just flies out the windows (all of them because... whoah!)

And of course there's Netflix. I have to admit that I can get drawn in pretty easily. My recent obsessions have been Pretty Little Liars, Heart of Dixie, Once Upon a Time, and Mad Men. I'm still on the Man Men kick.

Between all of this, I am in love with my class. They are the sweetest little kiddos I could ask for. I am so thankful to have such a great group amidst all this newness. They are a little needy, but so much fun. We laugh all the time.  

Now that I've updated you on my life, I'd like to leave you with a little bit of what we've been working on this past week. 

With the new year upon us, I felt it only right to share with my little firsties the importance of setting goals. I only just came across this video from Kid President about resolutions. I very much wish I had seen it BEFORE writing goals with my class. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

He's so great, isn't he? Who doesn't love Kid President?

What I did instead was share with my class what my goals for the new year are. I set a goal for home: to do my laundry and put it away while it is manageable so that I don't waste a whole Saturday on laundry. My goal for school: to be more organized with my lesson planning so that I don't have to stay at school so long after school hours. 

Then, I had them share some goals that they have for home and school. They had wonderful ideas. I wish I could remember some to share with you. I was so proud. Yay! Then, right before they were sent to their seats to get writing, one little guy shared that he wanted to play all the video games in the world. Ok... I think he was trying to be goofy so I just ignored it. Well, don't you know that most of the boys then wrote that their home goal was to play video games. 


As they were writing and I was walking around, I would say something along the line of, "Hmm... is that going to make you a better person at home?"

Of course no one changed it and many of their goals have to do with playing Wii or PlayStation. Lesson learned for sure. Maybe Kid President would've helped them have other ideas.

Here's a little girlie who had the right idea. Her home goal is "cleaning up my bedroom" and her school goal is "getting better at math". She used the template I created to make a mobile with her goals. On one side she wrote the goal and on the other side she drew a picture.
I love the detail she put around the border, too. What a creative soul!

On my end, I think... maybe the circles could have been a little bigger. Yeah, that would be nice. And, I wish I had some pretty string to use instead of old yarn I had laying around. 

No matter, though. The kiddos wrote goals and that's what's important to me. Goal setting is a great motivator and life skill for young children. It encourages them to self assess  :)

You can snag the free download {HERE} for your goal setting template. 


Best Wishes!

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