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I have been a teacher for 10 years now! I can't believe it's been that long already. I started out as a preschool teacher right out of college. After about 6 months, I got a fabulous job teaching 3rd grade in a district right near my home. Everything about it was great! I learned a lot and made some really great friends.
I did that for four years and then, the last year I was there, I taught 5th grade math, science, and social studies. It was a huge jump, but because of the wonderful team I had, it was easy. During that time, I met a wonderful man... but, he lived in Connecticut (and I was in New Jersey, 2 1/2 hours away).
We chatted on the phone, texted, and took turns visiting each other every other weekend. The NJ Turnpike was my best friend, and worst enemy. If you've ever traveled north on the Turnpike, you know exactly what I mean. After two years of that nonsense, we decided it was time to move in together, and that's how I ended up in Connecticut.
I first worked in a school as a literacy tutor. I worked with 4th grade teachers and helped them in their language arts blocks. It was the first time I got to experience a true reading workshop and I learned oh so much! My time there was invaluable.

I took the extra time I had to get my master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. This was probably one of the best choices I have ever made. I feel so much more knowledgeable than I did before. Although I loved the people I worked with as a literacy tutor, I was really hoping for my own classroom. With nothing available at that school, I looked elsewhere. I landed a job in the tiniest part of Connecticut I think I could find (not intentionally). To my delight, I was again a third grade teacher. The school was very small, and I mean small... one class per grade. It reminded me of the private school I attended when I was young. I was offered such great opportunities there and again learned so much.

During that time, I became engaged and after a year and a half my fiance landed an awesome job in southwest Virginia. I was so sad to leave my class mid-year, and it was really hard leaving the school, but I knew I needed to be with my guy. We packed it up and moved south.

For the remaining half of the year, I worked as a Title 1 teacher, assisting grades 3-5, with one 15 minute session with Kindergartners.

Shortly after, we were married... and couldn't be happier.
And, I'm happy to say, the division liked me enough to keep me around and gave me a contracted position teaching first grade. I worked there for one year and developed a true affection for working with little kiddos. They are so absorbent of information and so passionate about life. I absolutely LOVE first graders!

So, when my husband and I decided to move back north, I knew I wanted another teaching position in a first grade classroom. I was so lucky to find just what I wanted. Being a teacher really has been amazing. I can only hope for more teaching joys along the way!

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